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World of Yo-Ho
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World of Yo-Ho

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World of Yo-Ho is a fantasy game of adventure and piracy on the high seas!

It's a new type of gaming experience that combines the tangible and social pleasure of a board game with the interactive and adaptable mechanics of a video game. The game features a high quality board that represents the minutely detailed world of Yo-Ho and a free, downloadable app that turns your smart phone into a ship that any filibuster would be proud of. Simply place your phone on the map and set sail for adventure! Your ship is ready! Now set sail!

  • Your phone is your ship! It knows where it is on the map and moves around the board, interacting with other phones!
  • Outwit your fellow pirates. Prepare your actions secretly by holding up your phone, then put it back on the map to share the results with your friends and/or foes!
  • A turn-based game in a living, animated world full of events, twists, and monsters that adapts as you play.
  • Play a quick and aggressive one-shot game with your friends, or write your own saga by taking part in the War of the Orchids Campaign!
  • Save your game so you and your friends can pick it back up later!

- 4 Captain tokens
- 4 Ship figures (allows for play with only one device)
- 4 Captain suction cups
- 4 Ship suction cups (to ID which phone goes with which player on the board)
- 4 Captain cards
- 4 Ship cards
- 1 gameboard