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Shadows over Normandie

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IELLO store exclusive: each copy of Shadows over Normandie comes with a double-sided poster and the game store promo punchboard!

Shadows over Normandie is a squad/platoon sized game based on the Heroes System. You don't need the Heroes of Normandie core box to play, but Shadows over Normandie is fully compatible with it.

Engage in battle with the dark forces of Cthulhu Mythos with this new game, totally compatible with Heroes of Normandie. Three new armies are introduced, with additional mechanics and scenarios featuring Lovecraftian monsters, artifacts, and spells for the Achtung! Cthulhu universe. Deploy your units and beware the Deep Ones!

- 3 complete factions and their recruiting options (Majestic, Deep Ones, and Black Sun)
- Tanks, light vehicles, heavy weapons, character traits, equipment, magic items, spells, and orders for both armies
- 11 heroes
- 42 wooden order markers
- 6 dice (2 Majestic, 2 Deep Ones, 2 Black Sun)
- 6 two-sided gameboards
- 1 turn counter track and its special markers
- 3 decks of 50 cards
- 5 destructible houses
- 8 footbridges
- 1 rulebook
- 1 campaign book (10 scenarios) The Lost Battalion