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Sentai Cats
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Sentai Cats

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Everything was going well in the world of cats. Yarn balls covered the streets and dishes were filled with the best catnip in town. Out of the blue, Meka Dog, a mean Robo-Dog, appeared! He spread terror through the hearts of the little kitties and threatened to transform the catnip factory into one for wet dog food. But no one messes with a kitty's food bowl!

They sent out a cry for help for the Sentaï Cats!

You heard the cry for help! But your old bones can no longer support another battle. It's therefore your duty to train five new cats who will become the new generation of Sentaï Cats and attempt to vanquish Meka Dog.

The game plays over two exciting episodes: a training episode during which you will need to transform all your cats into Sentaï Cats, and a final battle episode in which a single Hero will face Meka Dog.

The Hero wins the game if they successfully vanquish Meka Dog in the final battle. All other players win the game if Meka Dog emerges victorious from the final battle.

- 30 Cat cards
- 4 Episode 1 cards
- 12 Episode 2 cards
- 1 Silver Cat card
- 1 rulebook