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Pina Pirata

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IELLO's Piña Pirata is a 30 min card game for 2 to 6 players where everyone leads their pirate crew on a search for The Golden Pineapple


Lead your pirate crew on a quest for the most fabulous treasure: the Gold Pineapple. The map that leads to it has been cut up and scattered all over the Caribbean, but each location is a new adventure waiting to happen! In order to win the game, you will have to confront and defeat all of the other pirates who are also also searching for the Gold Pineapple! Play your cards wisely to find the treasure and become a legendary pirate!

- The new game by Donald X. Vaccarino, designer of Dominion and Kingdom Builder
- A fun game for the entire family!
- Very easy to learn and explain
- Every game is different and surprising!
- Beautiful artwork!

- 55 cards
- 41 Adventure tiles
- 1 rulebook