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HoN: Gazette #7

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– 2 punchboard with the Commandos Kieffer, the Casino of Ouistreham and the artillerie batterie german units.
– 1 6-pages booklet in english containing:

Historical informations about Philippe Kieffer and the 1er Bataillon de Fusiliers Marins Commandos (1er BFMC, Free French Forces)
Scenario « The breach » – Commonwealth (335 pts) against Germans (165 pts) (need the D-Day scenario pack, the Commonwealth Army box and the Devil Pig News #1)
Scenario « Place your bets » – Commonwealth (345) against Germans (205) (need the Carentan scenario pack and the Commonwealth Army box)
Scenario « Counter attack » – Commonwealth (915) against Germans (795) (need the Lord Lovat Blister pack, Pegasus Bridge scenario pack, the GE 21st Panzerdivision and the Commonwealth Army box)

– 1 6-pages booklet in french with the same content as the one in english
– 1 sticker sheet for the storage system :

2 stickers for the Commandos Kieffer storage box
1 sticker for german Orders option and german officers
1 sticker for US Orders option and US officers
1 sticker for Commonwealth Orders option and Commonwealth officers
3 blank stickers