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Happy Pigs

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Happy Pigs is an economy game for 2 to 6 players where each player tries to raise the best livestock and make the most money for the year. Don't let the cute artwork fool you, this game has deep strategy!

In Happy Pigs, you are pig farmers working on your small family farm. Your goal is to make your livestock prosper and become the richest farmer of the year.

To do this, buy pigs and take care of them. Feed them, help them grow, and birth new piglets on your farm! Pay attention to the changing of the seasons, to keep your pigs healthy and alive throughout the year!

Happy Pigs is a buying and selling game the whole family can enjoy that provides a fun, enriching experience.

- 1 Market Board
- 20 Bills (10x $50, 10x $100)
- 64 Coins (37x 1¢, 15x 5¢, 12x 10¢)
- 24 Season cards (6 for each season)
- 75 Item tiles (25 Vaccines, 25 Dietary Supplements, 25 Amulets of Life)
- 24 Action tiles (4 actions per player)
- 1 First Player token
- 20 Field boards
- 196 Pig tiles (50 Piglets, 48 Small Pigs, 48 Average Pigs, 50 Big pigs)
- 1 rulebook